Rhinestone Mane Braid Bling Bands (Pack Of 5)
Rhinestone Mane Braid Bling Bands (Pack Of 5)

Rhinestone Mane Braid Bling Bands (Pack Of 5)

Add A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Horse!


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Use as an accent for forelock or tail.  Or go all the way for maximum impact and plait the whole mane! (Go to pack of 15 page)

For riders of all ages who are wanting to add a little bit of sparkle to their mounts. Beautiful high quality bands are easy to slip over plaits and work on both plaiting bands and stitched rosettes. These are a great for all styles of riding especially showing or dressage.


Add a little sparkle and get your horse noticed!

How to use:

1. Plait your horse and secure plait with rubber band or hand stitching into desired style.

2. Place a rhinestone mane band over the braid to add the finishing touch! 

3. Go out and DAZZLE everyone with your beautiful horse.

Tip:  If your rhinestone mane braid is a bit loose on the plait simply secure with a hand stitch or if you can't sew like me, use a fine cable tie to secure and snip off the end ;)

Available in:

Each double row rhinestone mane band is 1.5 cm  or .60 inches in diameter and has a bit of stretch so you can place on each braid.

Pack of 5 of one colour $9.95

Pack of 15 of one colour  $19.95

Pack of 5 with mane band in each colour $9.95

Note:  Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

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